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We're not in a brick and mortar shop, but we can be found in shops and markets around the Seattle area. Head to our Cookies page to see options you can order!

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Find us at the Fremont Sunday Market every week from spring to fall!

The fabulous Chocolati locations carry many of our flavors year round.

Join us at festivals and events - find out more on our blog page about what's coming up!

Who are we?

Owner Pamela Rose bought a little chocolate shop in Fremont in 2001, and although the business has changed quite a bit since then, her creativity and taste, and impeccably high standards have remained the same! Today, All About Cookies strives to make treats that not only taste delicious, but look great, and are made sustainably.


The bakery is a fully outfitted commercial kitchen in Pam's home, and it's partially powered from their rooftop solar panels! It's pretty cool to watch the meter run backwards on sunny days...Plus, deliveries are made in an electric vehicle! 


All About Cookies is proud to use as many local and organic ingredients as possible, while still keeping our prices low. We try to use palm oil products as little as possible, to protect rainforests and orangutan habitats. We use Shepherd's Grain Flour, produced in Eastern Washington, gluten free rice flour, and pastured Sky Valley Family Farm eggs. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in those cookies, anyway?
We use ordinary ingredients, local sourced and organic when possible. There are no preservatives or other additives. Check out our Cookies page for ingredients.

Do you make them all yourself?
Every last one!

How well do they keep?
In a plastic bag or container, they will stay fresh for up to a week in the fridge. Our cookies freeze very well. Our wholesale customers order twice a week.

Are your cookies soft or crisp?
They're a little crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. The Chocolate Chip Shortbread and sugar cookies are a little more crisp.

Do you have gluten-free or vegan cookies?
Many of our cookies are available gluten free or vegan. We can make any of our blonde or Peanut Butter cookies vegan. If you'd like to see what cookies are available to order gluten free, check out the gluten free section of our cookies page!

How do I pay?
We take cash, checks and credit cards with Square at the markets, and we accept credit cards for wholesale and special orders.

How about custom cookies?
We can do those, but they require design and approval, and may cost more than our regular cookies.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we deliver locally in the Seattle area. You may also arrange to pick up your order.

Do you make diet cookies?
All of our cookies are full fat, full sugar. We believe in decadence!