Ballard Seafood Fest Saturday & Sunday!


This weekend is the Ballard Seafood Fest, and we're so excited to be there! We’ll be there all day today, and both at the Fremont Sunday Market and the Seafood Fest tomorrow! It’s right in downtown Ballard, you can't miss it.

Lots of opportunities for good food, good shopping, and let’s be honest about what we're really here for - good cookies! If you haven't checked out our new Carrot Cake flavor, it’s delicious - loaded up with all the carrots, walnuts, and raisins you could ask for, and topped with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Yum.

See you there!

Happy Solstice!


Today is the Fremont Solstice Parade and Market, and we're here to help refuel you from all the dancing, standing, and celebrating fertility! The parade starts at 1pm, and the market goes all the way until 8pm, so you have lots of time to come and get your cookie on, but don't wait too long - we've been selling out of our most popular flavors early. Happy summer! We'll see you soon.

We're back at the Sunday Market!


Spring is almost here! We had our first day at the Fremont Sunday Market on the 10th, and we were delighted to see everyone out. We bundled up, and with hand warmers in our pockets, we sold through most of what we brought! It was so lovely to hear from the customers who were happy to see us back.

This weekend is supposed to be partially cloudy and in the 50's, so come see us and try out a flavor you haven't had yet! We slammed through the peanut butter flavors last time, there's something kind of cozy about peanut butter cookies, so it was perfect for the chilly weather. We also had a lot of success with the vegan AND gluten free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, so give them a shot and let us know what you think.

See you soon!

So Bazaar Redmond Market tonight!


The smoky skies are clearing and we're about to set up for one of our favorite markets all year! It's a gorgeous location, and we can see BLUE SKY! Come enjoy tons of music, food, and awesome booths, and while you're at it, come grab dessert with us. We brought a lot of cookies (cause we always sell out SO fast at these markets) so if there's a flavor you want, come grab it early! 

This market happens again on August 30th as well, so don't miss it.

University Street Fair & Sunday Market today!

Happy Sunday! Yesterday got a bit nutty with the torrential downpour, but we still sold out at both the South Lake Union Night Market, and the University Street Fair! Pam baked her heart out last night, and you can find us today at BOTH the Street Fair and the Sunday Market. 


It's a little grey today, but it's warming up and shaping up to be perfect cookie weather. Grab a coffee and take a stroll through one of these markets, there's nothing better on a lazy Sunday!

Happy Mother's Day!


Here's to all the Moms! The owner of AAC, Pam, is a mom, grandma, and stepmom (to quite a few!) and we're all super lucky to have such a talented, smart, badass lady in our lives. Treat your moms today, let them know you appreciate them, because they move mountains and call it a Tuesday. Maybe with a cookie ;)

- Claire (stepdaughter and cookie wrangler)

It's the Tukwila Backyard Wildlife Fest today!

We had such a fun time last year and we're super excited to be back! It's a gorgeous day to be at this awesome event, there's tons of great vendors to check out.


Plus, we're not just selling cookies today, we've got coffee too! It's at the Tukwila Community Center, and we're right around the corner from the Nibbles food truck.


See you there!

PS - If Tukwila isn't on your itinerary for the day, you can still get cookies! Come find us at the South Lake Union market, we're there every week!

So excited for the So Bazaar Redmond Night Market tonight!

We're totally jazzed to be at this gorgeous event again! Last year was amazing, and last week we got cleaned out, so we're back this week with lots and lots of cookies. 


There are tons of vendors, live music, a beer garden, and it's all lit up with lights and streamers for the perfect summer evening feel. 


Come out, enjoy the evening with us, and stop by for a cookie or a bar for dessert! For directions, more about the live music, and any other questions you have, look here.